Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Magenta Tone

$3.38 USD $4.50

The Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Magenta Tone is a magenta wash for applying a shade and reinforcing details on your miniature.

Warpaints Fanatic Washes are an acrylic, water-based wash that allows you to create a perfect shading effect and colour toning to your models and miniatures every time.
The unique flow-properties of our Fanatic Washes targets the recesses of your miniatures, delivering excellent shading and contrast, bringing all details into sharp focus. This makes it easy to use and allows you to create phenomenal definition on your miniatures with a brushstroke!
In the Warpaints Fanatic range, you’ll find 18 washes, so there is sure to be a colour or tone that meets the needs of your next project. And if not, the Washes are 100% mixable, so you can create your very own shading solution.

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