Strato- Speedstream

Boardgame designed by Rafał Zerych, produced by Strato Minis Studio.

In Speedstream up to six pilots compete in their superfast vehicles on a hi-tech track. The main goal is, as always, to be first, but in Speedstream being first is not an easy task, but can be achieved by any means necessary. Staying first is even harder!

Players have full control over their vehicles starting from statistics to behavior on track. You can go slow and safe and never roll a dice, or push your luck and attack aggressively, and put your fate on a dice roll.

Take corners fast and risk losing control over speeder! Push your opponents on track wall, to slow them down or even destroy. Fight your way to the first place using extra equipment for your vehicle like shields, tractor beams, EMP discharges, or even seeking missiles. All means necessary allowed!

Each player pilots one speeder, steering it through obstacles, blocking other players, and collecting boosts. Speeders are customizable, and during the progress of the game they get upgrades, and the player decides how to tune the vehicle. Board is modular, allowing players to build unique tracks for each game.

There are also sponsors available, giving additional upgrades to your speeders. Lots of negative but fair play interaction between players, course-plotting, and risk-taking. Speeders can be damaged and even crashed, but even then you can still get to the end line first.

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