Battlemech- Industrial Mechs

IndustrialMechs (also known as WorkMechs, UtilityMechs or, where applicable, ICE 'Mechs), though far less glamorous than their war-faring counterparts, are very important in the everyday life of the BattleTech universe. There are AgroMechs, ForestryMechs and LoggerMechs, LoaderMechs, MiningMechs, and many other types for many different industries including even armed SecurityMechs. Many of these 'Mechs use an internal combustion engine (ICE), usually diesel, due to the high cost of fusion reactors.

Industrial 'Mechs have occasionally been modified for war when normal 'Mechs are out of reach (most often in the MechWarrior: Dark Age saga), although the modified WorkMech is usually far less capable than a BattleMech of the same tonnage. They tend to be equipped with relatively light armor, but can pack a deadly punch in close combat with varying array of industrial-grade tools including saws, drills and utility lasers.