Warpaints Fanatic: Most Wanted Paint Set

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  • Get the Warpaints Fanatic Most Wanted Set PLUS a Basecoating Brush - FREE!

    Are you ready to up your game and expand your Warpaints Fanatic collection?

    With the Warpaints Fanatic Most Wanted Set, we have selected 22 must-have colours from the Fanatic range. What’s more, each colour in this set is hand-selected to match and work with the Starter Set and Mega Paint Set – making it the perfect add-on set to expand your range.

    Easy enough for a beginner, fast enough for a gamer, yet capable enough for the best painters in the world - Warpaints Fanatic features an insanely pigment dense formulation set in a premium resin base with proprietary stabilizers to ensure smooth, effortless application.

    In the Most Wanted Paint Set are 22 paints including 14 vibrant colours, 2 Skin Tones, 2 Effect paints, 2 Metallics, 1 Brush-On Primer and 1 versatile Wash. Also included is a miniature figure and a Painting Guide – FREE!

    The Painting Guide included in this box-set is a great companion for both beginners and experienced painters. The guide explains The Army Painter’s “Spray, Paint, Dip, Done”-method and gives you loads of tips and tricks for how to save hours at the hobby desk and Get More Time For Gaming with the right techniques and tools. Overall, it is an exclusive insight into the many loopholes and shortcuts you can take to paint those miniatures to a high standard without spending months on it.


    22 x 18 ml paints

    • 14 acrylic colours
    • 2 Skin Tones
    • 2 Effect paints
    • 2 Metallic paints
    • 1 Wash
    • 1 Brush-On Primer


    • Painting Guide
    • Miniature figure
    • Sticker sheet
    • Pre-order bonus: FREE Basecoating Brush!

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