Tyrant Medium Mech- Trooper

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The Tyrant is a through-and-through trooper Mech, meant for line combat and equipped as such. The medium-weight Tyrant is fast and nimble for its weight, allowing it to outmaneuver most comparable machines. Well-protected and reasonably well-armed, the Tyrant is well balanced in terms of both offensive and defensive capacities. Though there are some notable exceptions, most variants of the Tyrant utilize different combinations of energy weapons to remove any dependence on an ammunition supply line. This allows for groups of Tyrants to have more freedom in the battlefield.

Each Tyrant Kit includes enough parts to assemble a single variant from the following list;


Trooper Pack
BC1 - Particle Cannon, Medium Laser x2
D1 - Particle Cannon, Medium Laser x2
D2 - Particle Cannon, Medium Laser x2
D3 - Extended Particle Cannon, Pulsing Medium Laser x2, Small Laser 
D4 - Particle Cannon, Medium Laser x2, TAG
L1 - Plasma Cannon, Flamer x2, Small Laser

Also Available are a number of Tyrant Part Packs if you want a bit more flexibility.

This is a Tyrant Medium Mech kit with 19-26 individual parts and 2 Magnets that require assembly and will require glue. This is a 3D Printed Product and will have Print lines and other minor imperfections as a result of the 3D Printing and support removal process.

The Tyrant kits comes with two magnets for the torso but it also has small marks of many of the assorted parts to guide you where additional magnets(1/16th x 1/16th cylinders) can be installed to allow for additional articulation(Arms) or for swapping out parts for different options(CT Plug, Spine) on the fly or as the mech takes damage!

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