Tarmac King Support Tank

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Boasting defensive weapons only, the TK-series, or "Tarmac King", is a departure from the normal Kodiak Heavy Tank in that it is not a front-line combat vehicle, but in fact a support unit. Carrying three 30-meter bridging units capable of supporting up to 90 tons, the TK1 is on paper a temporary bridging unit. The primary purpose for the TK Kodiak, however, is to typically work in groups of three to smooth out the terrain and lay down a combined 270-meter temporary landing strip for Aerospace Fighters.


BCTK - 2 Machine Guns, Dozer Blade, Laser AMS, Bridge Layer
TK1 - 2 Machine Guns, Dozer Blade, Ballistic AMS, Bridge Layer
TK1(Low Tech) - 2 Machine Guns, Dozer Blade, Bridge Layer

The Tarmac King comes with one of each of the 'Tarmac' and 'Bridge' bridge types.

Take great care when assembling and handing the Bridge Elements, it is recommended to only assemble them after painting and to not disassemble them once assembled. The hinges are fairly fragile and although the bridges can support themselves and a small amount of weight it is recommended to avoid resting any metal or particularly large and/or heavy miniatures.

To assemble the Bridge, take the center panel, and one of the large panels, hook one of the large panel's pegs into the notch on the center panel, then line up the second peg and gently but firmly push it into the center panel, this will carve out a small notch but the panel will still be secured. Repeat for the second panel to complete the bridge. AS mentioned before, it is best to paint the bridge parts first as repeated assembly and disassembly can damage or weaken the hinges to the point they don't function as intended.

This is a Tarmac King kit with 16 individual parts that require assembly and will require glue. This is a 3D Printed Product and will have Print lines and other minor imperfections as a result of the 3D Printing and support removal process.


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