Steel Rift: Burning Horizons

$13.50 USD $15.00

No matter how far into the future, technological advances bring warfare, sometimes it’s still one man with a rifle that can make the difference.

Steel Rift: Burning Horizons is an expansion to the Steel Rift Core Rules.

Burning Horizons Contains Rules for:

  • Tracked and Quad Motive HE-V Types
  • All New Support Assets:
    • Ultra-Light HE-V Squadrons
    • Light Vehicle Squadrons
    • Infantry Outposts
  • New Universal Secondary Agendas
  • The Burning Horizons Campaign Play System

Bring all new weapons to bear against your opponents and play in progressive campaign arcs where you manage your hangar of mechs, salvage scrap off the battlefields and train elite ace pilots with powerful new skills.

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