LITKO Premium Printed Mecha Damage Effects Token Set (20)

$13.59 USD $16.99

  • WARNING CRITICAL HIT! - (20) Premium Printed mecha damage effects tokens. Laser-cut tokens from durable acrylic. This set includes various damage systems and effects tokens to track the status of your units. Place the tokens next to each model as a reminder of movement or shooting limitations, or place them with the unit's reference card to track the accumulated damage throughout the game.
  • COLOR - LITKO Premium Printed tokens are UV printed on durable acrylic and then precision laser cut for a perfectly aligned icon. These tokens feature various damage effect tracking symbols with a hazard stripe and related text on red 18mm hexagonal tokens
    • (2) Core Shut Down tokens
    • (2) Unit Immobilized tokens
    • (2) Crew Stunned tokens
    • (2) Engine Hit tokens
    • (2) Fire Control Damage tokens
    • (2) Movement Damage tokens
    • (2) Weapon Jammed tokens
    • (2) Knocked Down tokens
    • (2) Tagged Target tokens
  • COMPATIBLE - Compatible with your favorite futuristic Sci-Fi mech vs. mech game like Classic Battletech, BattleForce, and Alpha Strike Miniatures Rules.*
  • UPGRADE! - Check out our Premium Printed Upgrades compatible with Mech games and other LITKO® Premium Printed full-color Upgrades.

*Compatible with the Classic Battletech, BattleForce, and Battletech: Alpha Strike miniatures game by Catalyst Game Labs under license from TOPPS Company, Inc. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Catalyst Game Labs or TOPPS Company, Inc., and they do not endorse these products.

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