Jovian Wars: CEGA Dragonstriker Exo Armor Squad 2 Pack

$20.24 USD $22.49


These small Jovian Wars Fleet Scale 22mm tall Dragonstriker and 15mm tall Wyvern exo armors for the CEGA faction represent a squad of exo armors with 1 Dragonstriker (Ace) model, 1 Wyvern Marine model, and 1 Wyvern Bomber model on our new 3 post flight stand in pewter with a clear plastic base. Each Squad 2 Pack is packaged in a small ziplock bag.

Contents: 6 small Jovian Wars Fleet Scale Exo Armor miniatures (2x Dragonstriker model, 2x Wyvern Marine model, and 2x Wyvern Bomber model1/1000 scale) for the CEGA faction cast in pewter, plus 2x 3 post flight stand in pewter and 2x clear plastic base.

A free Jovian War - Miniatures Assembly Guide pdf can be downloaded at the following link:

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