Infantry Support Asset Box

$27.00 USD $30.00

This set contains:

  • 40x Standard Infantry
  • 8x Rifle/ HMG Infantry
  • 8x Anti-Tank/ SRM Infantry
  • 8x Recon Spotter Infantry
  • 4x Engineer/ Minesweeper Infantry
  • 2x Bunkers
  • 2x Turrets with Standard Weapon Slots
  • 2x Weapon Sprues (for the turrets)
  • 12x 40mm 2-Layer Infantry bases (5 punchout recesses each)
  • 2x 60mm Bunker Bases
  • 4x Mine Drone Tokens

Build your Infantry outpost to suit your battle tactics. Deny your opponent territory with mine drones, hamper their offensive with suppressive fire, or take out would-be scouts that get too close with s barrage of missile launchers.

Assembly Suggestion: Each Base should have 3 standard infantry and 2 specialist troops to denote the unit type. If you do this, you’ll have enough in this box to build up to 4 of any given type.

Rules Note: Current rules allow for 0-1 Infantry Outpost Support Asset in your army.

Full rules are included in Steel Rift: Burning Horizons

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