Industrial Power Complex- Solar Farm Set

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Bundle Contents

Solar Farm:  (1) Solar Collector Tower, (12) Solar Panel Fields {6 Center, 3 Left, 3 Right}, 3 Small Fluid Tanks, 3 Ground Pumps, (6) Male to Male Pipes, (7) Universal Bases **Note: The Solar Panel Fields are not detachable from their hex bases**

Model Name:  HEXTECH Industrial Power Complex
Model Designer: Thunderhead Studio
Model Line:  Sci-Fi 6mm 
Production: Steel Warrior Studios 3D Printing Service
Kit Material: PLA FDM Plastic
Configuration Options: N/A
Scale: 6mm (1/285)
Measurements: Varies per building


Fluff Description

Due to the energy demands of interstellar travel, colonization and industrialization of a system of planets, it has become necessary to tap into any power source available.  Every planet a completely different set of requirements and natural resources, and as such the Power Grid varies from place to place.   From large solar collectors assisted by fields of energy absorbing panels, to towering multi-disc wind turbines, and geothermal exchangers, these large sprawling compounds power the future.  

Due to the amount of power needed to send communications across the stars, it is common for the main planetary Signal Beacon to have a self contained power complex built close by, ensuring its operations remain online. 

**This set features the same raised pipeline system as both the Industrial Fluidworks and elements of the Aeroplex set are perfect complimentary expansions. 


Product Details

HEXTECH terrain is built on 33mm Hex Bases which is completely compatible with the Battletech Tabletop game.

The Industrial Power Complex has the new HEXTECH UNIVERSAL basing system, which gives you the ability to switch between hexed and hexless play in seconds.  The Universal bases have an optional magnetic system that can be used to enhance the feature.

HEXTECH is a hexed, modular 6mm scaled wargaming terrain product line that is designed to accommodate games such as Battletech.  To find out more details on the many features and advantages HEXTECH offers, please click HERE for a complete breakdown of why its such a popular system. 


Magnet size: 1/8" x 1/16" or 3x2mm will give you a good fit. Some simple trimming on the sockets may be required to get a good fit, use a sharp knife and be careful.

Polarity Tip: If you socket one polarity to all the "Male" ports and then the opposite polarity to all the female
ports/sockets, you will avoid problems with pieces having conflicting polarity. This will require a bit
of organization in advance, and we recommend you save the magnet installation until you've printed the entire
kit and do the installation all at once so you don't have to keep track of it over a long period of time.

Magnets not included. 

We print our terrain on a variety of well tuned FDM 3D printers.  For general information on 3D printed terrain you may find our FAQ helpful.  

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