Heavy Gear Blitz! Tabletop Wargaming - 3rd Edition Rules- ON SALE!!!

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Welcome to Terra Nova and Heavy Gear Blitz!

A tabletop miniatures wargame with over 20 years of heritage and success.

The colony world of Terra Nova continues to be in a state of constant conflict. Massive polar nations, invaders from Earth and even armed gangs have turned its arid landscape into a never-ending battlefield. Old grudges and fragile alliances set the stage for complete chaos while the Northern, Southern, Peace River and NuCoal Factions fight countless wars in the name of power, profit, revenge or mere survival.

Having failed to conquer Terra Nova once before, Earth has added her subjugated colony worlds to a new Colonial Expedition Force (CEF) invasion force of GRELS, FLAILs, and Hovertanks. Ships blacken the sky, unleashing unending waves of would-be conquerors onto Terra Nova’s war-torn surface. Even Utopia’s newest technological marvels of war have joined the CEF to claim a piece of the planet. Will the factions of Terra Nova unite as they did in the first invasion? Will that be enough this time? Or will Earth grind another planet under her iron heel?

The War for Terra Nova has only just begun... Gear Up and join the battle!

With the Heavy Gear Blitz 3rd Edition Rules you can:

Enjoy a fast paced, alternating activation game that leaves no player waiting as every action can be reacted to. Choose to play a casual skirmish game with as little as four models or an intense competitive game with 20 or more models.

- Build a force from 10 different Factions and 36 Sub-Factions drawn from multiple worlds of the Heavy Gear Universe.

- Use a “combined arms” approach to future warfare that includes Gears, Striders, Combat Mounts, Hovertanks, Tanks, Infantry, VTOLs, and Aircraft.

- Select from a diverse array of weapons, electronic warfare tools, and many other options to destroy your opponent.

- Wage war using a highly flexible system with customization options for commanders, forces, or even individual models as veterans and duelists.

3rd Edition Rules also includes introduction to the Heavy Gear Universe, objective generation, weapons recognition, reference sheets, and game tokens sheet. Plus model lists for the new plastic miniatures included in the Northern, Southern, Peace River, NuCoal, CEF, Caprice, & Utopia Army Boxes.

DP9-9344 Heavy Gear Blitz! Tabletop Wargaming - 3rd Edition Rules  - Full Size (8.5" x 11") full color, 160 pages.

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