Heavy Gear Blitz! 3rd Edition Rules - Force Compendium

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Welcome to Terra Nova and Heavy Gear Blitz!

A tabletop miniature wargame with over 20 years of heritage and success!

Terra Nova, long ago abandoned by Earth, now faces its greatest threat. The vast might of Earth’s military machine spills across its war-torn landscape for a renewed invasion and this time they are not alone. Supported by reinforcements from its conquered colony worlds, The Colonial Expeditionary Force (CEF) has returned to bring Terra Nova back under Earth’s heel. Alongside the CEF’s hovertanks and supersoldiers, march the spider like combat mounts of Caprice, the unending drone armies of Utopia and the feudal forces of Eden.

The polar confederacies of the North and South, the bitterest of foes, now find themselves beset once again by Earth. In the Badlands, the states of Peace River and NuCoal are forced to fight for their very survival while the Leagueless people find themselves caught in the crossfire. Even the special forces of the Black Talons, who rely on subterfuge, sabotage, and surgical actions, find themselves stretched beyond their means, desperately trying and halt the CEF juggernaut.  However, centuries of constant warfare between themselves have honed Terra Nova’s inhabitants into lethal weapons of war. While putting away centuries of hatred is impossible, they can all agree on one thing though, Terra Nova belongs to Terra Novans.

Within the Heavy Gear Blitz! 3rd Edition Rules - Force Compendium you will find:

Ten factions, dozens of sub factions, hundreds of core variants of war machines to select from.

Multitudes of upgrades and customization options, offering you thousands of ways to design your own force.

A diverse array of weapons to select from, further enhancing the many options already available in the core rulebook.

New short stories, some of which pick up where the short stories in the core rulebook left off.

DP9-9345 Heavy Gear Blitz! 3rd Edition Rules - Force Compendium  - Full Size (8.5" x 11") full color, 276 pages.

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