Gepard Mk. 2 Dropship

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It’s here! Bigger, badder, and all around better. The Gepard Mk. 2 incorporates all that we’ve learned in the past few years about printing, design, and paintability to bring you the venerable Gepard’s younger, more advanced big brother. Featuring a redistributed armament, larger door panels (2.15″ tall), VTOL thrusters, reinforced landing gear, and doweled construction, it’s a cinch to assemble and paint. Here reproduced in 1/285 (‘mech) scale and compatible with Battletech or any other 6mm science fiction wargame, this dropship requires minimal assembly and features an FDM printed body and separate turrets printed in resin. The Mark 2 is ready to reinforce your fleet today.



11.4" x 10.7" x 4"


FDM & Resin

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