Freelance Trencher Light Combat Vehicle 2-Pack

$14.40 USD $16.00

This set contains:

  • 2x Trencher Freelance Light Combat Vehicles
  • 1x Weapon/ Upgrade Sprues (enough for both vehicles)
  • 2x 40mm bases

Light Combat Vehicles are an excellent addition to any force. Quick, dangerous, and perfect for supporting your HE-Vs.

Rules Note: A Light Vehicle Squadron is comprised of Light Combat Vehicles and/or Light Recon Vehicles. You’ll select 10 Tons of units to build the squad. Light Combat Vehicles are 2-3 Tons each depending on equipment and Light Recon Vehicles are 1 Ton each. Current rules allow for 0-1 Light Vehicle Squadron in your army.

Full rules are included in Steel Rift: Burning Horizons

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