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War has evolved. Along with human soldiers and armored vehicles, giant Battlemechs are intervening in the battlefield and significantly influencing the outcome of the battle.

This practical Feldherr MINI bag with its 24 compartments is ideal for storing two companies, 6 lances, or 24 of your BattleTech miniatures clearly arranged and well protected. The insert is ideal for Mechs such as Grendel, Archer, and similar sized Mechs.

The set contains:

  • 1 Feldherr MINI bag
  • 1 foam tray with 24 compartments (HS060BT01)
  • 1 matching foam topper

Precisely fitting compartments ensure that the miniatures have a tight fit and can not bump against each other. The soft, fine-pored foam reliably protects your models from damage. In case you have painted your battle machines, the foam protects the colors of your painted models from scratches and chipping paint.

The 24 compartments have the following dimensions:

  • 20 compartments: 36 mm long x 33 mm wide x 50 mm deep
  • 4 Corner-compartments, strongly rounded : 36 mm long x 33 mm wide x 50 mm deep

The set is completed by the matching foam topper. The topper is placed on top of the tray and makes sure that no game material can fall out.

Of course, all this fits exactly into the MINI bag. This one is made of particularly hard-wearing material and ensures that the figures are protected from external influences while being transported. Additional space for writing materials and other small items can be found in the zippered inner pocket. A transparent pocket on the outside of the bag can hold a label on which you can write your name or the contents.

Dimensions of the MINI bag:

  • Inner dimensions: approx. 275 mm x 172 mm x 80 mm
  • Outer dimensions: approx. 300 mm x 200 mm x 90 mm
  • fine-pored foam – Made in Germany
  • chlorine free and acid free

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      Joseph Heinz
      Case for Wife's Mechs.

      I have a slightly different style one I got fo my group for Southern Assault last year. Wife has been getting into Alpha Strike and needed a carrying case for her groups. She loves this case.

      Are you at the right place ?