Eden Gargoyle Pack

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The Eden Gargoyle is not considered a Golem. They are deemed a class of their own and more analogous to Terra Novan Striders. The Gargoyle Pack is a resin miniature that includes 1 Gargoyle with round 40mm base plus variant weapon parts (HRC, MFG, and MTG). The model  is very poseable with ball and socket connections for the arms, legs and torso that can be glued in the desired pose. Main weapons can be swap if pinned, blue tacked or mounted to the model with magnets. The torso's Medium Rocket Packs can have their cover plates either open or closed. Assembly and painting required, decals not included. See parts photo for all parts included and wing assembly image for how to glue wings so they can be raised and lowered. The Gargoyle is 1/144 scale and 57 mm tall with a 70 mm wide wing span.


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