Earth Works Textured Basing Pastes - Pumice

$16.20 USD $18.00

Our Earth Works textured basing pastes can be used to quickly and easily add color and texture to your diorama landscape or met the basing requirements for your wargaming army. Just slap some on the bases, throw in a few of our Self-Adhesive Grass tufts, and it is fully based and looks amazing too! Want to add some extra definition, do a quick dry-brush of a highlight. Earth Works Dirt and Mud in Brown, Grey, and Martian Red all match our Rocky Self-Adhesive tuft colors. Each of our specially formulated option comes in 230 ML containers (8 Oz) to keep you going on even the most ambitious of projects. 

Pick one of our 6 Pumice options for a gritty paste that dries into a hard, lava rock or think sand-like surface. Its great for basing large miniature armies or adding texture to an open area of a layout. Thicker applications can form cracks and crevasses. Can be thinned with acrylic thinners. 

Available in Martian Red, Brown, Dark Earth, Sand Dust, Dark Grey, and Pale Green. 

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