Death Mask Grey: Micro Flames

$18.00 USD $20.00

Death Mask Grey stencils are precision-cut, flexible, slightly stretchy, transparent, and adhesive making them a superior solution for masking your model.

This pack includes

2x 5”x7” Stencil Sheets (as shown in the images) 

  • Small Flames 8mm tip to trough 
  • Tiny Flames 3.5mm tip to trough

2x Wax paper worksheets

Pro Tip: Negative space on the stencil sheet can also be used as alternate stencils to maximize the use of this set.

Flexible: Wraps and stretches around curves, corners and detail letting you place your marks, patterns, and icons on almost any surface of your model.

Transparent: Death Mask Grey stencils are a clear grey film which allows you to see exactly where you are placing it and the stencil itself for maximum precision.

Adhesive: Low tack stencils are a perfect solution for avoiding under-spray and having to hold the stencil with one hand while airbrushing with the other.

Note: Because of the added flexibility and stretchiness in the Death Mask Grey material, these stencils are frequently 1-2 use only.

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