Cobra Patrol Vehicle- Support

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Affordable, lightweight, maneuverable, robust and easily maintained, the 25-Ton Cobra Patrol Vehicle was developed as a general-purpose perimeter enforcement and patrol vehicle for military garrisons and installations. The Cobra is primarily used as a Military Police vehicle in its most common forms but has been expanded through modifications and updates over the centuries since the vehicle’s introduction. These newer, more modified models have allowed the Cobra to expand far beyond the original design parameters.


Support Pack
APC - 6 Ton Troop Compartment
EW - ECM Suite, Sensor Probe, 2 Ton Troop Compartment

Also Available are a number of Cobra Part Packs if you want a bit more flexibility for your Cobra(s) than offered by a single weapon set!

This is a Cobra Patrol Vehicle kit with 5 individual parts that require assembly and will require glue. This is a 3D Printed Product and will have Print lines and other minor imperfections as a result of the 3D Printing and support removal process.


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