LITKO Premium Printed Mecha Combat Actions Token Set (20)

$13.59 USD $16.99

  • ATTACK - (20) Fluorescent Orange Mecha Combat Tokens. During battle, players need to track combat actions that have occurred or need to occur and (perhaps) damage calculated after the action is finished. This set includes several move, shoot, melee, and special attacks that the mechs can make during a turn.
  • COLOR - LITKO Premium Printed tokens are UV printed on durable acrylic and precision laser cut for a perfectly aligned icon. These tokens feature six different combat actions on 18mm tokens
    • (3) Pilot Skill Check tokens
    • (3) Advance tokens
    • (3) Assault tokens
    • (3) Charge tokens
    • (3) Death From Above tokens
    • (5) Torso Twist tokens
  • COMPATIBLE - Compatible with your favorite futuristic Sci-Fi mech vs. mech game like Classic Battletech, BattleForce, and Alpha Strike Miniatures Rules.*
  • UPGRADE! - Check out our Premium Printed Upgrades compatible with Mech games and other LITKO® Premium Printed full-color Upgrades.

*Compatible with the Classic Battletech, BattleForce, and Battletech: Alpha Strike miniatures game by Catalyst Game Labs under license from TOPPS Company, Inc. LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Catalyst Game Labs or TOPPS Company, Inc., and they do not endorse these products.

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