Circular Objectives Pack

$36.00 USD

The Cross Electric Designs Circular Objectives Pack is a great way to introduce objectives into your competitive or casual tabeltop wargame.  Including objectives that are also compatible with the venerable Wolfnet AS 350  game type, these objectives compliment any table.  Including tokens and counters for King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and various other game types.  Included in the box are:

1 - 5in Objective

5 - 3in Objectives (1 Blue, 1 Red, 3 Neutral)

9 - 1in Objectives in Neutral Colors

4 - 1in Red Team Markers

4 - 1in Blue Team Markers

4 - Red Flags with two flag type options

4 - Blue Flags with two flag type options

3 - Neutral Color Flags with two flag type options

3 - Flag Carrier Hex Trays

Unlike other Cross Electric Designs products, some components are a specified color.  Neutral colored components will be in black or white coloring depending on filament availability.   All products are printed in FDM.

Mechs not included, for scale only.

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