Caprice Mount Armored Legs 5 Pack

$32.40 USD $36.00


The new Caprice Mount Armored Legs 5 Pack includes 2x Standard Pose, 2x Attacking Pose, and 1x Crouching Pose leg sets, for use with the Ammon, Kadesh, and Meggido bodies from the Caprice Army Box. The legs are poseable with cylinders at the ends that fit into the hips (not glued) and the hip underside plate is then glued in place, leaving the legs free to be rotated for the desired pose. The Armored Legs 5 Pack is another of our fully 3d printed resin miniature releases, produced in a partnership with Tieflings Workshop and 3d modelled by Tony Baltera for Dream Pod 9.

The 3d printed resin parts come in a thick zip lock bag with color product sheet inside, see parts photo for legs used to make each pose.

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