Blackened- 2mm Micro Self-Adhesive Static Grass Tufts

$9.90 USD $11.00

All of our 2mm tufts contain two sheets per pack. The tuft grasses are 2mm in length at the longest, but the adhesive can add some additional height during production. These 2mm Tufts are available in a single layout. 

Micro: Containing two sheets of tufts that equals out to over 590 Self-Adhesive tufts per pack.

Swamp - A rich, dark green that has some lighter greens mixed in. These tufts are great for swamp or deep forest themes.

Moss - A wonderful combination of dark greens that can be used to represent moss carpets or just give your base or project a dark green texture.

Field - A perfect blend of tan, light, and medium greens that makes our Micro Field Tufts a great addition for many different themes and paint schemes. Our other lengths of Field Grass are similar to each other, but there are some differences in color.

Blackened - A great mixture of black, brown, and tan grasses, our Micro Blackened tufts are a great addition to barren wastelands or other locations that have been ravaged by fire or other devastation.

Autumn - A mix of browns and tan, our Micro Autumn tufts are a perfect addition for bases or projects where dead growth would be expected, such as a harsh winter region or by rocky desert craigs. Our other lengths of Autumn Grass are similar to each other, but there are some differences in color.

Spring - A mix of light greens and yellows with a hint of darker tones. These are great for adding vibrancy to small bases or putting spots of color on larger projects.

Colors may very from those shown as many of our products are dyed or made from natural materials that can vary from batch to batch.

This product contains small pieces and is not suitable for use by, or around, small children. This product may contain walnut shells. 

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