Black Talon Dark Series Upgrade Pack

$22.88 USD $25.42


Weapons and Bits to upgrade minis to the Dark Series Gears, packaged in a large blister. The Black Talon Dark Series Upgrade Pack contains the following:

  • 4 sprues containing Sniper Laser Cannons, Medium Autocannon/Fragmentation Cannon Combo Weapons, and Medium Autocannon/Light Grenade Launcher with separate side-mounted ammunition magazine.
  • 2 sprues with Light Autocannon/Fragmentation Cannon, Light Grenade Launcher, and Medium Rifle
  • 4 chainswords
  • 4 angled Light Rocket Pods
  • 4 angled Medium Rocket Pods
  • 2 'small' Stealth V-Engines (for Dark Cheetah)
  • 4 'medium' Stealth V-Engines (for Dark Jaguar or Dark Mamba)
  • 2 'Divided' 2-piece Stealth V-Engines (For Dark Skirmisher)

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