BattleTech: Shrapnel Issue #8 (The Official Battletech Magazine)

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Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine delivers tales of tragedy and triumph amid the struggles of BattleMechs on the battlefields of the 31st century and beyond! A spurned Solaris gladiator enacts a unique brand of payback. A Federated Suns mission to take down the infamous “Lady Death” Trevaline runs afoul of pirate ingenuity. A ex-mercenary on Outreach must risk everything during the Fourth Succession War to protect those who cannot protect themselves. In this issue, you’ll venture into the jungles and avoid native predators while racing to recover lost Star League-era data; discover the truth lurking behind a seemingly unbeatable Word of Blake ’Mech; and fight to preserve a MechWarrior’s right to crack open a cold, frosty beverage after the battle is done. Then return to the shadows and danger of the Game World with the penultimate part of our Solaris VII serial.

Keep cool under fire with technical readouts, a playable campaign, glimpses at the Malthus Confederation and Canopian pleasure circuses, a guide for new citizens of the Federated Suns, a report on dangerous alien plant life, and much more—all from BattleTech veterans and a few new faces:

Craig A. Reed, Jr.
Jason Hansa
James Bixby
Eric Salzman
Douglas Carruthers
Jeremy Ciccone
Keith R. A. DeCandido
Daniel Isberner
John-David Karnitz
Joshua Franklin
Johannes Heidler
Ken’ Horner
Wunji Lau
Mike Miller
Tom Stanley
Joel Steverson
Stephen Toropov

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