Battletech Legends: Service for the Dead (The Proving Grounds Trilogy, Book Three)

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The world of Northwind has been ravaged in the fierce battle between the Highlanders and the Steel Wolves—and now the Clan warriors have set their sights on Terra. The fate of the birthplace of humankind now rests in the hands of three very different MechWarriors:

Ezekiel Crow: Betrayer of the Highlanders—and on the run from both political and military enemies.

Anastasia Kerensky: Ruthless leader of the Steel Wolves—and if she has her way, the next Conqueror of Terra.

Tara Campbell: embattled Countess of the Northwind Highlanders—and Terra’s only hope in its most desperate hour.

A desperate three-way race ensues to see who will be the first to reach Terra…and who will ultimately claim it….

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