BattleTech Legends: By Temptations and By War

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When the Republic of the Sphere was established, it absorbed a quarter of Capellan Confederation space. Now that the crippled Republic is embattled everywhere, the Confederation Chancellor sends an operative into former Capellan territory to nurture the seeds of rebellion.

Freedom fighter Evan Kurst has resisted the Republic's “benevolent occupation” of the world of Liao for as long as he can remember. He has fought side by side with agents from the Confederation, and rallied other fighters to the cause. Until now, his efforts have been in vain.

But amid the chaos of the interstellar communications blackout, Kurst sees a new chance to liberate his homeworld and return it to its rightful rulers. The Chancellor's support is assured, and embodied in the person of Mai Wa, the operative sent to ensure Kurst's success. But Mai has betrayed Kurst before, and his biggest problem remains knowing whom to trust in a world where today’s ally is tomorrow's enemy…

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