BattleTech Legends: Blood Avatar

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The first body that turns up in Farway, a secluded town on the planet Denebola, is from out of town. When the Denebola Bureau of Investigation and the legate's office from the other side of the planet decide to help identify the murder victim, Sheriff Hank Ketchum knows he’s in over his head.

Enter infamous police detective Jack Ramsey, on leave after his most recent case, an encounter with a notorious serial killer who kidnapped Jack’s son. With the help of the talented local medical examiner, Amanda Slade, Ramsey digs into the case and discovers evidence that puts Farway at the heart of a conspiracy that reaches far beyond the sleepy backwater town. But who's the greater threat—the Clans, the Word of Blake, or the legate’s own intelligence operative?

As the investigation deepens and the pool of suspects continued to widen, Ramsey and Ketchum race against time to catch a twisted villain who always seems one step ahead of them…and if not stopped, could destroy everything they hold dear…

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