BattleMat (Alpha Strike) hexless- Alpine #1 / Lunar #1

$29.99 USD $39.99


Not every world in the Battletech universe is Terran-compatible. Now roll out high-quality neoprene maps of some true Alien Worlds for your Battletech gaming table!

Roll out high-quality neoprene maps on your BattleTech gaming table! 

Each map is 34" x 22", the perfect "two-map" size for most games. The maps are high-resolution with great color quality, making them some of the most beautiful and durable BattleTech maps ever produced. The neoprene is also thin for ease of storage, and double-sided for versatility.

This neoprene map details a new, colorful Alien World battle sites, with a standard Desert Terrain on the back for more terrestrial battles.

The choice of battlefield is in your hands!

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