Anab Mount

$22.95 USD $25.50


The new Anab Mount for the Caprice Faction includes 1x Anab with posable legs, plus Light Sub-Machine Gun (LSMG), Light Field Gun (LFG), and Medium Artillery Rockets (MAR link) weapon parts. The Anab was 3d modelled by Tony Baltera for Dream Pod 9. Parts come in a plastic clam shell blister with color product card in front of a ziplock bag will all the resin parts.

The Anab is another of our fully 3d printed resin miniature releases, produced in a partnership with Tieflings Workshop. We've included photos of the blister product cards with miniature painted up by Alain Gadbois. The game stats are found in the recently released Heavy Gear Blitz 3.1 Companion, which is included in the HGB 3.1 Rulebook ebook downloads on DriveThruRPG.

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