Warpaints Fanatic: Marine Mist

$3.19 USD $4.25

The Warpaints Fanatic: Marine Mist is a very light greenish blue and a natural highlight for turquoise. It’s the lightest tone from the “Turquoises” Flexible Colour Triad and its Practical Colour Name is “Very Light Greenish Blue”.

Warpaints Fanatic paints are an easy to use, high-quality acrylic paint with unsurpassed coverage and intense pigmentation. It is set in a premium resin base with proprietary stabilizers, making it possible to thin it down to extreme levels while retaining pigment dispersion.
Each paint is part of a Flexible Colour Triad System: a segment, or family, of paint colours that are made using the same root colour. Inside each Flexible Colour Triad are six colours that range from dark to light with a consistent hue. With this system, you can easily select paints that create a natural colour progression on your miniatures.
Warpaints Fanatic is easy enough for a beginner to use, fast enough for a gamer, yet capable enough for the best painters in the world.

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