Streaker Recon Buggy- Guerilla

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The Streaker Recon Buggy is an agile, lightly-armored scout vehicle that relies largely on speed to survive. Heavy inspiration came from higher-speed off-road endurance racing vehicles, granting it exceptional mobility over difficult and broken terrain. A number of variants have been created since its introduction, allowing it to keep up with technological advances.


Guerilla Pack
R1 - Medium Laser, Sensor Suite
R3 - Flamer x3
R5 - Micro Missile Launcher [10]

This is a Streaker Recon Buggy kit with 6-7 individual parts that require assembly and will require glue. This is a 3D Printed Product and will have Print lines and other minor imperfections as a result of the 3D Printing and support removal process.

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