NuCoal G.P. Squad (4 Minis: 2x Chasseur, 2x Chasseur Mk2)

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This new NuCoal G.P. (General Purpose) Squad is compatible with upcoming New Edition of Heavy Gear Blitz and it's Beta Rules version. The new edition allows for squads of between 4 to 6 gears (maximum of 6 actions), so we have made available a new lower entry cost, 4 miniature G.P. squad, for players getting into the new edition of the game. The 4 miniature squad is packaged in one of our full size plastic blisters, in place of a box, allowing for the lower cost. The blister card included has the color squad image on the front, the game stats for the included models and weapons on the back, for quick game reference. Players can select from our available single and two packs of miniatures to bring the squad up to is maximum of 6 gears if they want or to add a support unit to the squad of between 1 and 3 models (upto half the actions of the squad rounded up), which can include: gears, striders. tanks, infantry, and other vehicles.

For those of you with the older NuCoal G.P. Squad (DP9-9237) of 4 Chasseurs and 1 Chasseur CV or other squad boxes, don't worry their miniatures will still make legal squads in the New Edition of Heavy Gear Blitz and its Beta Rules version. Some of the variant weapon loadouts may be updated or removed for better game balance and some Threat Values revised during the Beta phase.

Includes 2x Chasseur with standard weapons (LAC, LRP and LVB) + CV head & LGL weapon, 2x Chasseur MK2 Gunner with standard weapons (MAC, LRP and LVB), and 4x hex bases.

(Poses may vary from parts shown.)

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