Northern Dragoon Squad (4 Minis: 2x Strike Cheetah, 1x Razorback, 1x Rabid Grizzly)

$41.62 USD $46.24


This new Northern Mountaineering Squad of Two Lion and 2 Leopard Mountaineering Gears is compatible with upcoming New Edition of Heavy Gear Blitz and it's Beta Rules version. The 4 miniature squad is packaged in one of our full size plastic blisters. Players can select from our available single and two packs of miniatures to bring the squad up to is maximum of 6 gears if they want or to add a support unit to the squad of between 1 and 3 models (upto half the actions of the squad rounded up), which can include: gears, striders. tanks, infantry, and other vehicles.

Includes 2x Lion with stock weapons loadout of Heavy Autocannon, multipurpose rear mounted rocket pack, climbing equipment and 2 hex bases. Plus it also includes 1 x Heavy Rotary Cannon, 1 x Medium Bazooka, and 1x Medium Particle Accelerator weapons to make Lion variants. Also includes 2x Leopard stock weapons loadout of Medium Autocannon / Frag Cannon combo weapon, light rocket pack, climbing equipment and 2 hex bases. Plus it also includes 1 x MAC combo weapon Grenade Launcher add-on part1 x MAC combo weapon Flamer add-on part, and 1 x Rotary Laser Cannon to make Leopard variants. 1/144 scale.

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