HexTech - Summer Light & Heavy Woods (x6 Green)

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The Woods and Rough Terrain flesh out Hextechs range of core terrain types that you'll want to use in every battle.

Customer Reviews

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Emanuel Domingo
Outstanding Terrain!

This has been a great addition to our games at my local gaming store and this terrain is a great addition to help visualize one of the more challenging to create pieces. The removable trees are easy to take off and put back and the Magnets included were easy to install on the tree bases to lock them into place.

Several patrons at my local gaming store are looking forward to the chance to buy their own copies of this set

Ricardo Albertorio
Great Terrain

Next to the hills, this is my favorite product that Galeforce Nine has put out for this range. A bang for the buck.


Happy it showed up in one piece only one tree was damaged so glued it together thank you for the fast shipping.

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