Corporate Faction Box

$81.00 USD $90.00

Hold the line and protect your corporate assets throughout the solar system.

The Corporate Faction Box contains:

  • 2x Buckler “Buck” L1800 Light HE-V Mechs
  • 2x Ward 2650 Medium HE-V Mechs
  • 2x Bulwark “Bull” 3300 Heavy HE-V Mechs
  • 1x Aegis 5000S Ultra-Heavy HE-V Mechs
  • A Variety of modular weapon arms and melee arms
  • 100x Weapon Inserts
  • 7x 40mm bases with arc markings
  • 1x Arc/Rotation gauge
  • 1x Starter sheet of Number Decals

Extra weapons arms and melee arms can easily be drilled and magnetized to offer some on the fly weapon exchanges. Extra weapons and arms can also be purchased separately to create even more weapon variations.

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