Clash of Steel: Starter Set - American vs Soviet

$60.00 USD $75.00

1:100 Scale

Welcome to Clash of Steel. It's 1948 and the war has started again.

Based on an Alternative History where the war in Europe finishes in 1944 with the surrender of Germany, but restarts just four years later in the face of Soviet aggression.

Players take to the tabletop with one of four initial nations in Epic Tank-On-Tank Combat using Highly Detailed Multi-part Plastic Miniatures, battling over objectives in an attempt to control the battlefield and defeat their enemies.

Featuring Dynamic Mission Based Game Play to ensure that every battle is unique and cinematic. This Starter Set contains everything a player needs to get started, including rules, miniatures, dice, tokens and much more.

Plastic components.

21 Miniatures
  ‣ 2 T28
  ‣ 3 T29
  ‣ 2 M18 Hellcat
  ‣ 6 T-54-1
  ‣ 3 IS-3
  ‣ 5 ISU-130
22 Tank Commanders
1 Decal Sheet
1 Complete Rulebook
1 Quick Start Rules
20 Dice
2 Force Booklets
20 Unit Cards
34 Tokens
3 Objective Markers
2 Victory Point Dials
26 Tactics Cards
6 Mission Setup Cards
9 Mission Rule Cards
22 Objective Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.

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