Borealis Dropship- Combo Configuration (All configs)

$117.00 USD $130.00


The Borealis currently has four types of unique module, each of which is individually swappable to the four cargo positions on the ship’s spine:

  • The “Combo Config” set comes with:

    • 1 Borealis Chassis
    • 4 Mech Bays
    • 2 Aerospace Asset Support Module
    • 2 Fluid/Gas Tanker Module
    • 2 Cargo Container Module

The Borealis class Dropship is a multi-role hauler vessel designed for maximum lift capacity around a modular cargo spine capable of mounting numerous cargo-specific modules.

Its heavily armored and adequately armed frame has made it a popular choice for “hot drops” into active combat zones as well as service as a light aerospace carrier, enabling long-range sorties or carrying interceptor support for combat operations.

This multi-part model conforms to all the usual HEXTECH design principles, being fully gameplay friendly for either hexed or hexless play. The stable top surfaces mean that despite using a large model on your table, you are not losing real estate as your units can fight or fly up and over this impressive machine without losing track of their position on a game grid.

Usable for any 6mm scale tabletop game, the Borealis also has Battletech-compatible rules published in the fan TRO Operation Lancaster with record sheets available here.

This set of models is 3D printed using FDM PLA and are lightweight and durable.  Models come unpainted and may require some light cleanup during paint preparation. For best results we recommend coating models with 2-3 layers of filler primer, sanding after each, before applying color.  We use Rustoluem filler primer in our studio, but there are many others on the market that will also work very well.

We do not recommend leaving this type of 3D printed terrain in a hot car for a prolonged period as it can deform with prolonged extreme heat.

Models in diorama images not listed in the description are not included.

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