BattleTech: Shrapnel Issue #4 ( Battletech Magazine #4)

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Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine celebrates bravery in all its forms on the triumphant, BattleMech-dominated battlefields of 31st century and beyond! Witness the birth of a new mercenary command in the late Third Succession War, follow a combat medic tackling a precarious injury, learn the true meaning of loyalty during the FedCom Civil War, and track down pirates on a forgotten world in the Periphery. Then don your neurohelmet and push back against the enemy with technical readouts, ghost ship sightings, in-depth technology articles, unit digests, playable scenarios, and more—all from BattleTech veterans and a squad of new authors:

Jason Schmetzer

Harper Brand

Faith McClosky

Giles Gammage

Charles Gideon

David Razi

Marc Follin

James Lee

Aaron Cahall

Michael J. Ciaravella

Matthew Cross

Ken’ Horner

Craig A. Reed, Jr.

Eric Salzman

Joel Steverson

Stephen Toropov