BattleTech Legends: Pandora's Gambit

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In 3069, the extremist Word of Blake group attacked the capital of the Free Worlds League and declared its leader, Captain-General Thomas Marik, to be a fraud. House Marik fell into disgrace, and after eight centuries, the Free Worlds League shattered.

Three captains-general now vie to reunite the realm:

• Anson Marik of the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth prides himself on possessing Marik blood, and seeks to rule on its strength.

• Lester Cameron-Jones of the Regulan Fiefs knows the Marik bloodline is defunct; only a new royal house can resurrect the League.

• Jessica Marik of the Oriente Protectorate is on a mission to redeem her father's name: the false Thomas Marik, and the very man who helped destroy the League.

The world of Marik becomes a battleground as the three contenders prove they will go to any lengths to further their causes. But only Jessica Marik appears to remember that the Free Worlds League was forged not through military might alone, but also through alliances of trust. They will all find the price for their ambitions is higher than they could ever have imagined. Who will be willing to pay to achieve their dream?

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