Barghest BGS-4T 20-5037

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Inner Sphere
BattleMech - Quad
Jihad (3068 - 3085)
Technical Readout Prototypes
In Distribution
Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Drew Pritsker
Not a very good mini

This mini came with the bubble packaging punctured sufficiently that pieces were coming out. Additionally, the bubble was pealing off the card and I found pieces in the shipping box. The box was not crushed or punctured in any way so I assume that this occurred at the shipper.

The mini itself had possibly the most sprue and flash I’ve seen since the late 80s. The sprue was between 1/16 and 1/32” and required my diagonal clippers to get the parts separated. I had to work over the parts with my jeweler files to get the mould lines off.

There was no good image or drawing ( much less instructions) in the package so I found that it was very difficult to get the legs on square and have the mini stand properly.

Hopefully, there will be a plastic mini I can compare to to see what’s going on to the legs. I compared the body of the Barghest 1 and 4 and found that the sculpt is better for the early mech. Still lots of flash but at least it stood square.

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