Eden 100TV Starter Army Bundle

$117.00 USD $130.00


At the suggestion of players we have made this 100TV Starter Army Bundle for the Eden Faction. The total value of the bundle is $144.45 USD if purchased as individual packs, we have given it a 10% discount making its Suggested Retail Price (SRP) $130.00 USD. 

The bundle includes 10 Eden pewter or resin miniatures that can make 2 combat groups (SK & FS) with 100 to 104 TV total before any faction or general upgrades are taken.

1x Beta Squad (4 pewter minis, plus extra weapons): 3 Man at Arms Golems + 1 Constable Golem TV: 30-31, Roles: GP/SK/FS, 4 Actions.

2x Centaur Golem (pewter minis, plus extra weapons) TV: 16, Roles: GP/SK/FS, 2 Actions.

2x Doppel Golem (pewter minis, plus extra weapons) TV: 22-24, Roles: SK/FS, 2 Actions.

1x Warlock (pewter mini, plus extra weapons) TV: 8, Roles: RC/FS, 1 Action.

1x Serpentina Hovertank (resin mini, plus extra weapons) TV: 24-25, Roles: FS, 2 Actions.

Painting and Assembly Required, decals not included.

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